A medium and and a paranormal scientist investigate 17 true hauntings

Ron and MaureenJourney into a world of the unexplained and the unknown, a world where what you can’t see captivates all your attention. A trance medium and a paranormal scientist team up to investigate supernatural mysteries by using both spiritual and scientific methods.

Journey into the world of The Ghost Chronicles: A Medium and a Paranormal Scientist Investigate 17 True Hauntings by Maureen Wood and Ron Kolek, a unique collection of episodes from the case files of the New England Ghost Project.

Former skeptic Ron Kolek, with his infrared camera and EMF meter, and fifth-generation psychic Maureen Wood, with her sixth sense and pendulum, have become experts in investigating ghosts. Whether they are helping the descendant of an accused witch, checking out the spirits of Lizzie Borden's slain parents, or assisting a monk with an exorcism, their experiences just might make readers believe in the paranormal.
By combining scientific insight with psychic intuition, Ron and Maureen bring readers a complete picture of a haunting investigation. From lighthouses to spooky mansions, from ancient sites to private homes, The Ghost Chronicles takes readers inside the haunts and into the world of a real paranormal investigation team.

Media requests

Ron is available for speaking engagements. Please call 978-455-6678 or email ronk@neghosproject.com for more information. See our Appearances page for a list of current appearances in the area.

Praise for The Ghost Chronicles

"I've had the pleasure of taking part in a couple of investigations with the New England Ghost Project. I like to think I maintain a healthy skepticism, but Maureen Wood's abilities have left me seriously impressed. Ron Kolek manages to display a wry sense of humor while keeping a professional attitude toward his work. Together, they're entertaining, profoundly thought-provoking, and fun.”
-   Jeremy D'Entremont, Author, Historian for the American Lighthouse Foundation

“Ron and Maureen are the perfect combination for a paranormal investigation. Ron brings his skepticism and his belief in equal measure as his dowsing crystal and EMF meter testify and Maureen is one of the most genuinely gifted mediums I know. Together they inform, entertain and intrigue their guests; both this side of the veil as well as those looking on from the other!”
 -  David Wells, Most Haunted

"Reading Ghost Chronicles is like taking a joyride with your crazy uncle and favorite aunt - you know your parents probably wouldn't approve but you can't wait to see what they'll do next.”
 -  Lesley Bannatyne, author of Halloween: An American History

"If my experience in Gettysburg with Ron and Maureen is any indication of their other forays into the world of the paranormal, the reader is in for a thrill-filled ride!"
Mark Nesbitt, author, historian, and paranormal investigator